Allende Meteorites
Big Kahuna Meteorites has a nice assortment of quality carbonaceous chondrites for your collection. After all Allende is the most studied meteorite in the world. Why skimp on your specimen? Find the best HERE
Esquel Pallasite
A selection of polished part slices of Esquel pallasite, with very clearly translucent olivine crystals.

Canyon Diablo IAB-MG
sculpted individuals with natural patina, exactly as found in Arizona. A wonderful representative American iron.

Murchison CM2
Endcut and fragments of this important carbonaceous chondrite fall of Sep 28, 1969. Crusted and interior uncrusted specimens available.
Whitecourt Iron IIIAB
An assortment of exquisitely shaped iron shrapnel from the Whitecourt Impact Crater in Alberta, Canada. These are some of the best of the best cherry picked specimens for the discriminating collector!
Bassikounou H5
A nice selection of Bassikounou meteorites in every size range, from a fall in Mauritania in October 16, 2006
Henbury Iron IIIAB
A fine selection of extraordinary early recovery Henbury individuals with fantastic shapes, exquisite regmaglypting and striking desert varnish patina.

Homestead L5
This is a nice 15.56g fusion crusted endpiece of the Homestead meteorite, which was a witnessed fall of February 12, 1875 in Iowa.

Norton County Aub
A fantastic 51.21g specimen of the witnessed fall of February 18, 1948 in Kansas. This specimen comes with a University of New Mexico Institute of Meteoritics provenance.

Tissint Martian Shergottite
A selection of complete (97-100%) glossy, fresh fusion crusted individuals from the July 18, 2011 witnessed fall in Morocco. These are the best of the best!
Muonionalusta Spheres
A selection of expertly machined and etched Muonionalusta iron IIIAB meteorite spheres. A unique way of viewing the crystalline lattice structure of an iron meteorite.
Park Forest L5
A single 140g stone was acquired from the finder in Chicago. The stone was verified through testing with UW and Dr Tony Irving. Gorgeous slices from a famous witnessed fall
Buzzard Coulee H4
Four very fresh, high quality complete Nov 20, 2008 Canadian fall stones with export permit.
Imilac Pallasite
A very impressive 154.32g slab of Imilac, featuring yellow and green olivine crystals within a mirror polished nickel iron matrix.

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Almahata Sitta Ure-an
A 0.38g fresh fusion crusted part slice of the witnessed fall of October 28, 2008 in Sudan. The first meteorite to have been observed in orbit before falling to earth.

Albin Pallasite
This is an awesome 13.96g part slice of Albin pallasite, found in 1915, but not recognized as a meteorite until 1935. Beautiful thick slice featuring yellow and green olivine crystals
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