Allende Meteorites
Big Kahuna Meteorites has a nice assortment of quality carbonaceous chondrites for your collection. After all Allende is the most studied meteorite in the world. Why skimp on your specimen? Find the best HERE
Esquel Pallasite
A selection of polished part slices of Esquel pallasite, with very clearly translucent olivine crystals.

Canyon Diablo IAB-MG
sculpted individuals with natural patina, exactly as found in Arizona. A wonderful representative American iron.

Murchison CM2
Endcut and fragments of this important carbonaceous chondrite fall of Sep 28, 1969. Crusted and interior uncrusted specimens available.
Bassikounou H5
A nice selection of Bassikounou meteorites in every size range, from a fall in Mauritania in October 16, 2006
Henbury Iron IIIAB
A fine selection of extraordinary early recovery Henbury individuals with fantastic shapes, exquisite regmaglypting and striking desert varnish patina.

Norton County Aub
A fantastic 51.21g specimen of the witnessed fall of February 18, 1948 in Kansas. This specimen comes with a University of New Mexico Institute of Meteoritics provenance.

Imilac Pallasite
A very impressive 154.32g slab of Imilac, featuring yellow and green olivine crystals within a mirror polished nickel iron matrix.

Whitecourt Iron IIIAB
A 166.37g exquisitely shaped iron shrapnel from the Whitecourt Impact Crater in Alberta, Canada. This is one of the best cherry picked specimens for the discriminating collector!
Park Forest L5
83.37g complete oriented individual with radial flowlines, rollover lipping, frothy backside and irridescent fusion crust. Serious inquiries only.
Shirokovsky Pseudo-met
507.91g half stone of the world's best man-made pallasite meteorite, introduced to the world in 2003. Probably the last surviving uncut piece from this pseudo-meteorites.
Springwater Pallasite
288.88g individual of the Springwater pallasite, recovered by Mike Farmer a few years ago

Zegdou H3 chondrite
1.5kg main mass of the 6.7kg meteorite found in August 1998 by Bruno Fectay and Carine Bidaut in Algeria.

$3000 or best offer
Oued Bourdim Pal (PES)
A 79g stone was cut into fabulous slices of this very rare pallasite that belongs to the Eagle Station grouplet, with only four other members. This material will not last long.
Bruderheim L6
27.98g partial slice of a meteorite that fell on March 4, 1960 in Alberta, Canada with 303kg of material recovered. Satiny fusion crust rims this beatiful slice

Pultusk H5
104.56g individual meteorite that fell in Poland in 1868 with 250kg TKW. This specimen features 92% fusion crust.

Pultusk H5
13.86g partial slice with a provenance of Vienna Natural History Museum and Mike Farmer. Specimen comes in a Riker Mount with 3 COAs.

Vyatka H4/5
10.42g thick slab of a seldom offered meteorite found on the shore of the Vyatka river near the town of Sovetsk in Russia. Comes in membranebox

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Millbillillie Eucrite
A trio of fully fusion crusted Australian eucrites, with regmaglypts and flowlines galore. You dont see many Millies on the market anymore, so now is the time to get one before they sell. FREE Hit Counter