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Stolen Meteorites
Sometime between January 27 and March 3, a person or persons entered my office at the University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy at 640 North A'ohoku Place, Hilo, Hawaii and removed meteorites from within it. The items were important research specimens and teaching tools I use in education and public outreach with our young people of Hawai'i.  It is truly sad that through this person's actions, he robs not just me but all the keiki of Hawai'i, from the use of and knowledge gained from these invaluable tools of science. Please contact me if any of these meteorites are offered to you or if you see them under any circumstances. Mahalo nui.
Sikhote Alin iron, IIAB 633g oriented individual
Sikhote Alin iron, IIAB 219g individual
Sikhote Alin iron, IIAB 209g flight
oriented and cleaved individual
Sikhote Alin iron, IIAB 268g shrapnel
Campo del Cielo iron, IAB 1600g treated individual with large surface troilite inclusion.
La Criolla L6 231g polished endcut
In addition, the following have also been stolen

NWA 788 200g endcut
NWA 2932 50g endcut
NWA 6928 15g endcut
NWA 7131 10g endcut

NWA 2690 Euc 243g enduct
NWA 788 240g endcut