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Big Kahuna Meteorites has been restructured into a C-Corporation to offer better services and product to the discriminating collector and scientist. We also now accept all major credit cards as well as Paypal, checks and money orders. Big Kahuna offers the highest quality meteorites from the asteroid belt to your mailbox, via Hawaii with Aloha!
NEW! Millbillillie Euc
Millbillillie Eucrite Individuals
NWA 8687 is a lunar meteorite with a characteristic smooth, sandblasted light green-tan exterior with no fusion crust. The stone’s cut and polished surface reveals a fine-grained, pale green interior with fine shock melt veining. This meteorite is very competitively priced, comes in a quality labeled display box for protection and years of viewing pleasure.
NEW! Millbillillie Euc
NEW! NWA 8277 lunar
NEW! Lunar slices
NWA 8277 Lunar Individuals
NWA 8277 is a lunar meteorite found in Morocco in 2013, from which the original specimen was a single stone with no fusion crust, with an irregular sandblasted exterior featuring numerous light- and dark-colored clasts. Saw cut reveals brecciated texture with white feldspar and green-brown pyroxene and olivine grains (up to 3 mm) set in a dark gray-green matrix. This is an awesome breccia worthy of placement in every collection.