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Big Kahuna Meteorites has been restructured into a C-Corporation to offer better services and product to the discriminating collector and scientist. We also now accept all major credit cards as well as Paypal, checks and money orders. Big Kahuna offers the highest quality meteorites from the asteroid belt to your mailbox, via Hawaii with Aloha!
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Big Kahuna has updated the main Sales webpage to include some rarely offered meteorites. Reasonable offers are considered. Enjoy.
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New Mali find of 2013
NEW! Dar el Kahal
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Dar el Kahal - Mali find
A first individual, completely covered by black fusion crust, was found by a nomad while searching for historical artifacts near the former salt mines of Taoudenni, northern Mali in September 2013. During the following systematic search many fragments totaling 85 kg were recovered from a strewn field about 10 km in diameter. Many individuals show beautiful regmaglypting and remnant crust.