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Big Kahuna Meteorites has been restructured into a C-Corporation to offer better services and product to the discriminating collector and scientist. We also now accept all major credit cards as well as Paypal, checks and money orders. Big Kahuna offers the highest quality meteorites from the asteroid belt to your mailbox, via Hawaii with Aloha!
Dio before cutting
NWA 8744 Vesiculated Diogenite
A highly shocked diogenite weighing 185g was acquired from a Moroccan dealer in September 2014. The stone was covered in caliche and dirt, but after ultrasonic cleaning, a frothy texture was observed over portions of the stone's rind. After cutting, the slices revealed incredible vesiculation of the matrix, similar to Ibitira. The meteorite is part of a larger 11kg stone and will be officially classified soon.
Dio full slice
NEW! Eagle Station Pallasite
NEW! Rare Pallasite
Oued Bourdim PES
A new Pallasite grouplet called Eagle Station was found in the Oued Bourdim wadi in Morocco, and is one of only five known. This is a stunning pallasite with intriguing swathing kamacite and schreibersite, which produces a distinctly unique etch pattern. There was only a 79g stone which was cut and an 8g fragment that was acquired, so supplies are limited of this once in a lifetime space rock.